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Major Factions


Minor Factions

  • Paranormal Science Institute, PSI


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  • Basilisk – Repaired Imperial Battlecruiser
  • Grim Porpoise – Retrofitted Submersible Carrier


Campaign Rules and House Rules

  • (Possible) Blues Brothers Rule – A pair of sunglasses, a suit, half a tank of gas, half a pag of cigarettes (or equivalent)…if you have any three of those items you also have the fourth.
  • (Possible) Dr Who System Initiative Modification – Initiative is divided into three phases, first all characters choosing to talk, followed by all characters taking a problem-solving action, followed lastly by characters engaging in combat actions.
  • Armor Quality Effect Modification – Good quality armor is either +1 to all locations (not only for the first hit per round) or half weight.  Decided at item creation.
  • Flak Armor Modification – Flak Armor provides double the armor value against blast weapons.
  • Navigation Technique Alternative – Cetacean sonar based auger and navigation interface.
  • RSW Technology Base
  • Species Templates



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